Watering Tips

When and how often should I water?

In general, between 6am and 10 am is the best time to water as it will allow the grass to dry out during the hotter middle of the day.  Watering at night encourages fungal and mildew growth.  That being said, in prolonged periods of very hot weather, it may be smart to add a watering in the evening.  Every lawn is different.  Some are shady, some receive only sun.  Some have sandy soil, some have rocky soil.  We suggest talking with your landscapers for the best recommendations based upon your type of grass and plantings. 

When should I start up the system?

As a general rule, the system should not be opened until the threat of frost has passed.  For More Information, check out our information on seasonal start-up.

When should I winterize?

In general, it is best to winterize your irrigation system before the first hard freeze.  Winterization prevents damage to your system.  Click to learn more about winterization.

How can I be sure my system is as efficient as it could be?

Gary Fialkosky Lawn Sprinklers uses quality products when installing and maintaining irrigation systems.  The following tips will help to ensure that your system is efficient in its water use.

  • Install a Smart controller that will use local weather station predictive categories to determine how often to water.
  • Install a rain or moisture sensor to help reduce overwatering.
  • Upgrade to high efficiency nozzles.
  • Employ less frequent watering sessions.
  • If water runs off your lawn, split the watering into 2+ sessions.
  • Water in the early morning to enable the most efficient use of the water disbursed.
  • Consider drip irrigation that will drastically reduce run off and evaporation.