Gary Fialkosky Lawn Sprinklers, LLC is a full-service irrigation company servicing Massachusetts. With seasoned irrigation technicians and state of the art equipment, Gary Fialkosky Lawn Sprinklers has the experience and tools necessary to complete even the most challenging irrigation jobs. With over 20 years of experience in the irrigation business, Gary and his team of professionals value the long-term relationships that have been built and maintained with our customers. We welcome new customers to our family and promise to deliver quality service in a timely fashion.

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Save Money This Year!

Gain huge water savings without digging up your current irrigation system! A smart irrigation controller automatically adjusts watering based on internet-sourced local weather data, helping reduce your water usage and save you money.

Our team at Gary Fialkosky Lawn Sprinklers, LLC is happy to provide you with the most advanced water-saving tools in the industry for your landscape.

With an EPA WaterSense-approved Hydrawise™ controller from Hunter Industries, you also get:

Predictive Watering™technology that automatically adjusts irrigation to local weather conditions — so watering only occurs when it’s needed, and never when it’s not.
Instant system access from your smartphone, tablet, or the web.
Real-time alerts in the event of a problem, like pipe leaks or damaged rotors, when you add a flow sensor
Forecast and history data help to ensure that just the right amount of watering is applied
Connection to Amazon Alexa™ smart home systems for voice-activated control

Let us help you save money and maintain a healthy, beautiful landscape. Contact Us anytime!