Our Products

Irrigation has progressed over the many years that Gary has been in business, and Gary Fialkosky Lawn Sprinklers has indeed moved forward with the times. We believe in using quality products in our installations to reduce the number of encountered problems.  The majority of our service calls come from inferior products (not installed by us) that don’t stand up to the rigors of time. 

We believe in water management and water conservation.  We look for the WaterSense products and encourage their use in even the simplest of systems. 

Hunter MP Rotator Sprinkler Heads – delivers water at a steady rate, allowing it to sink in at rates that the soil can absorb.

Hunter Hydrawise Controller – Uses predictive analytics when deciding when and how much to water your lawn. See Details below.

Hunter spray heads with check valves – Removes the low drainage leaking to conserve water.

Rain Bird smart controller ESP12 – A powerful moduilar irrigation controller for commercial and larger residential applications.

Rain Bird 1800-SAM series spray heads – Ideal for areas with changing elevations.

Netafirm Drip Pipe – Delivers water to the root zone drop by drop.

Baseline controllers – simple to use, but can handle the toughest watering.

Baseline Soil Moisture Sensors – Self-adjusts to the season for less required regulation.

We use many other quality products in addition to the above sampling. Feel free to CONTACT the office and we will be happy to answer questions about specific products.